A yellow and black tractor with a white trailer

Trench Size

Recommended Trench Size

2' Width - 4' Width

Screen Size

1½ | 7/8 | 5/8 | 3/8

Screen size measured in inches

*If you require a larger screen size, please call

Machine Width

Minimum Width: 8.03 ft

Maximum Width: 12.04 ft


Weight (tons)


Engine Power (HP)


A red circle with three wind turbines in it.
Solar and Wind

Solar project or Wind project. Ozzie’s  Mini-Padder is well equipped to handle these types of projects.

A red circle with three trees in the middle
Distribution Cable

Ozzie's Mini-Padder is the right tool for the job for distribution cable projects that require tight access. 

A red circle with a bunch of apples in it
Mobile Screening

For small mobile screening projects, you can count on Ozzie's Mini-Padder to reduce costs and accelerate productivity. 

A red sun in the middle of a circle.

Ozzie’s Mini-Padder can ensure that pipe stays protected and free from damage from a pipe used to collect groundwater or surface water.

Machines In Action

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