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Trench Size

Recommended Trench Size

4' Width - Unlimited

Screen Size

1/4" - 4"

The screen size can be increased in 1/4" increments

*If you require a larger screen size, please call

Machine Width

Minimum Width: 14.00 ft

Maximum Width: 20.09 ft


Weight (tons)


Engine Power (HP)


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Protect, strengthen, and be more efficient with your backfilling. Reuse excavated material and save costs. 

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Large Projects

Complete large projects on time. OPP-300 is a powerhouse for making quick work on big jobs.

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Reducing cost has never been more manageable by reusing excavated soil and processing it with Ozzie's OPP-300.

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Beach Cleaning

Remove litter from the shores with ease. A clean and hygienic beach is of paramount importance.

Machines In Action

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