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ALLU TS structure enables two different fragment sizes from the same unit. Fragment size estimation is based on the distance set by the screening comb.

The ALLU TS structure allows you to adapt your bucket for your screening needs quickly and effortlessly, giving you the ability to have more versatile processing.

The TS structure has been developed with a self-cleaning system allowing for the best possible capacity even with wet material. We call this innovative design a non-clogging system and is available across our entire TS range.

TS Screening Blades


TS Axe Blades

Blade sizes avaliable: 3/8", 5/8", 1", 1.5", 2"
Single Blade Setup

Single Blade Setup

The single blade set up positions two or three blades in a single position, with one screening comb between every blade.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 3/8", 5/8", 1", and 2".

Double Blade Set Up

Double Blade Set Up

With the double blade setup, two blades have the same position moving together with two screening combs between the doubled blades.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 5/8", 1.2", 2", and 2.7".

Triple Blade Set Up

Triple Blade Set Up

The tripled blade set up has three blades in the same position that move together.

The possibilities for blade thicknesses in this assembly are 1", 2", 3", and 4".

Axe Blade

An ideal blade model for applications that require shredding and/or crushing soft materials, e.g., compost, bio waste, and bark.
ALLU Transformer equipped with TS Axe blades will enable a homogenous end product, even with the most challenging materials.



TnUS TnTnUS Tncu ydLpmGpmKgLbs
DL 2-12 TS7-127.7-13.23-83.3-8.80,5/0,60,6/0,740-7010.5-18.45401190
DN 2-12 TS12-2813.2-30.86-146.6-15.40,6/0,70,7/0,995-16025-42.211002425
DN 2-17 TS15-2816.5-30.87-147.7-15.40,9/1,01,1/1,395-16025-42.213803042
DN 3-12 TS16-2817.6-30.87-147.7-15.41,0/1,21,3/1,5125-16033-42.214103109
DN 3-17 TS20-2822-30.89-149.9-15.41,3/1,51,7/1,9160-20042.2-52.817903946
DH 3-12 TS18-4519.8-49.68-308.8-331,0/1,21,3/1,5190-31550.1-83.219704343
DH 3-17 TS22-4524.2-49.610-3011-331,3/1,51,7/1,9190-31550.1-83.224605423
DH 3-23 TS26-4528.6-49.614-3015.4-331,7/2,02,2/2,6190-31550.1-83.228706327
DH 4-12 TS22-4524.2-49.610-3011-331,2/1,41,5/1,8190-31550.1-83.222404938
DH 4-17 TS27-4529.7-49.614-3015.4-331,8/2,12,3/2,7190-31550.1-83.229406482
DH 4-23 TS32-4535.2-49.616-3017.6-332,3/2,73,0/95,3190-31550.1-83.233707430
* DH and DSH models are equipped with double motors


Blades Profiles Other
TS 16/32 bladeTS Standard bladesExtra Side
TS 25/50 bladeTS Axes bladesDirectional Valve
TS 35 bladeFor wet, frozen, and different soilsDrain oil eliminator
Drain line relief valve
ALLU Data Reporting System
  • Main Application Areas

  • Waste material handling

  • Composting

  • Pipeline backfilling

  • Field bark crushing

  • All screening or backfill applications