Machine Specifications

CAS TR30 Dimensions-min

Chassis and Frame


Morooka® MST2200VD Frame | Built in the USA
Climate controlled, operator-friendly ROPS certified cabin
Joystick control
Hall effect single-axis drive joysticks
Hall effect multi-axis placing conveyor joystick
Hydraulic activation safety switch
Hydraulically controlled deflector shield
Travel cruise control
Backup & Passenger side safety camera with video information display
Dual 5,000 psi rated load-sensing hydraulic piston-pumps combined with dual hydrostatic pumps
Sauer Danfoss hydraulic motors
Pressure & return filtration system | Pressure & return rating = 10 Microns | Return filter rating = 3 Microns
HAWE proportional valves
High-pressure hoses & fittings (2,000 - 6,000 psi) | Industry rated specifications meeting established industry standards for "burst" pressure

Engine & Drive Train

Additional Equipment

CAT Tier 4 C7.1 ACERT TM 250 HP
2-Speed hydrostatic transmission with 30" rubber track drive
Work & strobe lights

Electrical System

Hopper Body

OMNEX radio & receiver control package
Remote control/wireless travel & placing control functions
900 ft @ 2.4 GHz
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology
Frequency Hopping @ 50 non-overlapping channels in 100 kHz (100,000 times per second)
12 or 24 VDC
Engine is J1939
10-Cubic yard capacity
Heavy-duty 10-gauge steel sheeting
Fully powered coated finish - interior & exterior for durability
HMW lined | Low coefficient of friction, self-lubricated polymer, eliminates "sticking" | Abrasion, corrosion, and wear-resistant

Feed Conveyor

Placing Conveyor

CAS exclusive fully exposed HD 24" wide | 350 2-ply abrasive & impact resistant belt
Hydraulically Powered
Planetary gear main driver
2.25 " Pitch pintle chain | 52,000 lbs pulling strength
Chain lubricated system | Reduces maintenance and extends the life
Rear leveling gate
CAS exclusive heavy-duty 15' x 14'' wide long shot
Abrasive & Impact-resistant surfaced belt with ½" cleats
Cleats specs: ½" width x ½" high x 8 ¼" OAW on 6" centers
The CAS belt is the heaviest duty and durable belt on the market, with 50% more rubber on the ½" cleats
Hydraulic drive Super-Shield™
Tube steel design
High-performance rear-mounted direct drive
Patented worm gear pivot
PC specifications: Volume 2-10 yds./minute | Max "slinging" distance 80-100' (dependent upon material size and type)

Weights & Dimensions

Max Speed & Fuel Capacity

Machine Weight: 31,820 lbs (14,422 kg)
Min. ground clearance: 15"
Empty ground pressure: 3.1 pounds per square inch
Loaded ground pressure: 5.7 pounds per square inch
8 mph (13 km/h)
Fuel consumption: 3-6 gal/hr (11-23 L) under normal use
65 US gal (246 L)

Optional Equipment

Chassis & Frame: Toolbox, aluminum, or stainless steel
Hopper body: Hydraulically actuated lift box (for maintenance), Vibrator, Agitator
Placing Conveyor: 18" wide high-volume placing conveyor belt system
Electrical system: Spare remote radio transmitter
*For more information on the Slinger please download the brochure. You can find the download button at the bottom of this page.
  • Main Application Areas

  • Backfilling

  • Landscaping

  • Flood Control

  • Construction Site