Our shaker motor can rotate clockwise to screen maximum material during normal padding operations and counter-clockwise for downhill padding to clear material off of the shaker screen efficiently. Hydraulic cylinders in the rear of the shaker system allow height and angle control of the shaker, independent from the conveyor. The operator can freely adjust the height of the shaker when padding on an incline to facilitate material production.

A vibrator located below the spill pan can be turned on to loosen debris when operating in wet or heavy material conditions.

OPP-300 Shaker


Save time with our new bi-folding conveyor design. The OPP 300 conveyor has an additional bend near the top to meet transportation requirements without disassembling and removing the conveyor.

With this new design, the belt is installed on the conveyor before transport, reducing set-up time on location.

OPP-300 Conveyor

Screen Size

The OPP-300 series uses screen sizes ranging from 1/4" to 4". The screen size can be increased in 1/4" increments. 

All screens have been tested for accuracy to ensure only the correct size of material gets through every time.  

OPP-300 Screen

Video Monitoring System

Four high-resolution, color, anti-glare cameras deliver crisp images in direct sunlight. Nitrogen-sted camera housings keep dust out, while the enclosure keeps the camera free of condensation, frost, and moisture-proof. Installed shock absorbers remove the effect of impacts and vibrations, while protective casings prevent damage from falling rocks.

There are three monitors inside the cab, which display three views; down the elevator, conveyor output, and the left side of the machine. A rear-view camera automatically engages six cameras when in reverse.

OPP-300 and OPP-200 Camera
OPP-300 and OPP-200 Camera Monitor



Rating ISO 9249 & SAE J1349440 HP / 328 kW
Max Speed2100 rpm
Displacement763 in³ (12.5 L)
Operating Voltage24 V
Alternator95 A
Fuel SystemDirect Fuel
Fuel Consumption20 Gph (76 Lph)
Batteries24 V, 1200 CCA, Maintenance-Free
EmissionsTier 3
Starter10 HP (7.8 kW)
TypeOpen/closed loop, pump drive on engine
Number of Pumps7
Open Loop, Hydrostatic Pump SystemsLeft Track, Right Track, Conveyor Speed, Elevator Speed, Shaker Speed
Closed Loop PumpLoad Sensing Valve Stack
Gear Driven PumpPump Drive Cooler
Valve Stack ControlsElevator Lift, Conveyor Shift, Conveyor Fold, Shaker Lift, Vibrator (Gear), A/C
Control Valve6 Segments
Filtering LocationsStrainer with Magnetic Rod, Return, Charge, High Pressure

Travel Drive


TypeTwo-Variable, independent, hydrostatic systems, separate control of each track
Speed Range1st gear - 2.6 miles/hr | 2nd gear - N/A
ControlSingle joystick, adjustable cruise control
FeaturesCounter rotate toggle for sharp turning
Service BrakesBuilt-in hydrostatic service brake
Parking BrakesMulti-disk brake pack automatically engages when the joystick is in neutral
Final DriveNon-planetary gear reduction
TypeRollover Protective Structure (ROPS)
Heating & A/C SystemHydraulically driven compressor system provides a belt-less and clutch-less system
Heating & A/C Capabilities45,000 BTU (47.5 MJ) Heating | 25,000 BTU (26.4 MJ) Cooling | 355 ft³/min (10 m³/min) Airflow
SeatingAdjustable mechanically supported plush seat
Instrument PanelInteractive digital gauge display for temps, speed, fluid levels, warnings and, alerts
InterfaceLCD Screen, Dual Joysticks, Switches & Pushbuttons, CAN Keypad

Track Frame

Refill Vol.

DesignRigid track frame, bolted to the sub frame, hydraulic tensioning cylinders
ChainsNon-lubricated; greased and sealed
Carrier Rollers2 Each Side
Grouser TypeSingle Grouser Design
Track Rollers8 Each Side
Grouser Height3 in (76 mm)
Show Width28 in (711 mm)
Ground Clearance26 in (660 mm)
Max Pressure5500 PSI
Fuel Tank150 US gal (570 L)
Cooling System12 US gal (45 L)
Engine Oil9 US gal (34 L)
Spiltter Box7.25 qt (7 L)
Hydraulic Tank225 US gal (852 L)
Final Drive17 US gal (64 L)
*For more information on the OPP-300 Series please download the brochure. You can find the download button at the bottom of this page.





ALength6.00 ft | 1.8 m
BWidth4.00 ft | 1.2 m
CHeight7.00 ft | 2.1 m
DEye Height9.07 ft | 2.9 m
EClearance4.11 ft | 1.5 m
FHeight3.04 ft | 1.0 m
GLength7.07 ft | 2.3 m
HWidth11.06 ft | 3.5 m
Length20.00 ft | 6.1 m
IWidth6.00 ft | 1.8 m



JLength7.05 ft | 2.3 m
KWidth8.00 ft | 2.4 m
LHeight Above2.08 ft | 0.8 m
MArea52² ft | 4.8 m²
NLength20.09 ft | 6.3 m
OWidth5.04 ft | 1.6 m
PHeight1.09 ft | 0.6 m
QBelt Width3.00 ft | 0.9 m
RClearance2.08 ft | 0.8 m

ATransport height12.00 ft | 3.7 m
BTransport length35.00 ft | 10.7 m
CUndercarriage idler to sprocket length, CTC11.07 ft | 3.5 m
DEngine clearance1.02 ft | 0.4 m
ETrack gauge9.00 ft | 3.0 m
FUndercarriage width11.11 ft | 3.6 m
GTransport width14.00 ft | 4.3 m
HTransport shoe width2.04 ft | 0.8 m
Transport weight110,000 lbs | 50,000 kg
Ground pressure14 PSI | 97 kPa

Elevator incline angle16°
AMaximum shaker angle from ground20°
BMinimum shaker height6.02 ft | 1.9 m
CMaximum shaker height7.10 ft | 2.4 m
DRaised scoop clearance9.08 ft | 2.9 m
ENormal scoop clearance5.04 ft | 1.6 m
FTotal machine height with elevator raised15.07 ft | 4.7 m
GCutting edge diving depth2.00 ft | 0.6 m
HMaximum conveyor reach, non-operator side4.06 ft | 1.4 m
IMaximum conveyor reach, operator side11.01 ft | 3.4 m
JMaximum overall width23.01 ft | 7.0 m
Minimum overall width22.08 ft | 6.9 m
KHeight12.11 ft | 3.9 m
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