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Controls mounted inside the cab allow complete operational control over the rotation direction, speed, and shifting of the Mini-padder conveyor. The variable controls allow precise control over the flow of screened material.

The conveyor conveniently folds for transport and when moving in confined spaces to reduce set-up time.

A dedicated motor controls the side-to-side shifting of the conveyor, providing substantial control of where the material is placed in the ditch. The unique arched shape of the conveyor maximizes the distance material can be thrown.



Ozzie's Mini-padder controls are conveniently located on the control box, positioned next to the loader arm controls

The box contains these clearly labeled controls:

  • Master hitch pin
  • Master hitch unpin
  • Conveyor shift rocker switch
  • Variable elevator speed
  • Variable conveyor speed
  • Variable vibrator intensity
  • Momentary elevator reverse rocker switch
  • Conveyor direction rocker switch


Rigorous testing and engineering have ensured that Ozzie's Mini-padder's screen to the advertised size. Our unique adjustable elevator drive system provides continuous chain contact to reduce shifting and slipping.

Variable chain adjusters on the outside of the padding head allow control over chain tension in stressful terrain. The built-in chain vibrator can be switched on at a moment's notice to help screen thick or wet material and loosen debris from the chain.


Machine Specifications


Machine Hydraulics

StyleLiebherr D934 L A6 diesel engine
Net Power ISO 9249175 HP (129 kW)
Net Power SAE J1349173 HP (129 kW)
Displacement427 in³ (7.0 L)
Operating voltage24 V
Alternator80 A, Heavy Duty
Rated speed1,800 RPM
Fuel systemModular Unit-Pump-System (UPS) direct high injection pressure fuel system, precision timing controlled fuel dispersion via ECU
Starter10 HP (7.8 kW)
Batteries2 x 170 Ah / 12 V
Air cleanerDry-type air cleaner, pre-cleaner, automatic dust ejector, radial seal for main and safety elements
Cooling systemCombination cooler, with single units for water, hydraulic oil, fuel, and intake charge air. Hydrostatic and thermostatic cooling fan
Engine lubricationPressurized lube system; Features powerful pump and deep oil pan for guaranteed lubrication up to 45°
Design4 in-line cylinders, intern exhaust gas recirculation AGR, turbocharger, air to air aftercooler, single-cylinder, gear water pump, fuel pump, and oil pump
Machine HydraulicsLoad-sensing proportional pump control, built-in check valves, hydraulic quick disconnect couplings
Pump TypeElectronically controlled, variable output pump, swash-plate design
Maximum Pump Flow55.2 US gal/min (209 L/min)
Pressure limitation3,770 PSI (260 bar)
Filter systemTank return filter with a magnetic rod. High-pressure filter on attachment supply
ControlJoysticks mounted on either side of the operator chair. No pedals. The right joystick controls loader arm movement and attachment tilting. Automatic magnetic hold buttons activate bucket float, bucket positioner, and lift kick-out pre-set functions. Left joystick controls travel, turning, and reversing. Release joystick to the neutral position to enable brake

Attachment Hydraulics

Loader Cycle Time

Valve TypeLoad-sensing 4 bank proportional valve stack
Pressure Limitation2,800 PSI (193 bar)
Filter SystemHigh-pressure filter on the supply line
Quick CouplersFour bulkhead mounted quick-release hydraulic couplers to disconnect lines from loader; tethered caps to seal open lines
ControlsControl box mounted beside loader arm joystick. Programmed logic controller interfacing between control box and proportional valve
Hydraulic FunctionsHitch pin engage/disengage, variable elevator speed, momentary elevator direction, variable conveyor shift, variable vibrator speed
CoolingDedicated hydraulic fan cooler
Lifting6.4 seconds
Attachment tilting2.2 seconds
Lowering2.8 seconds
Total cycle time8.1 seconds

Travel Drive

Operator's Cab

Drive systemIndependently driven tracks. Closed-loop infinitely variable hydrostatic travel drive, powered by two axial piston variable displacement pumps and motors in swash-plate design
Travel speedInfinitely variable electronic-controlled. Work Speed: 0 - 4.0 mph (0 - 6.5 km/h) | Travel speed: 0 - 6.2 mph (0 - 10 km/h)
Load sensing systemElectronic engine speed sensing control (load-sensing feature) automatically adjusts travel speed and drawbar pull to match changing load conditions
Cooling systemHydraulic oil unit built-in combination cooler
Service brakesHydrostatic, the dynamic braking effect from the travel drive system
Parking / Emergency brakeMulti-disc brake, wear-free, automatically applied with neutral joystick position
SteeringHydrostatic, unlimited maneuverability for full power turns and counter-rotation
Final driveCombination spur gear with planetary gear, double sealed (duo cone seals) with electronic seal-integrity indicator
ControlSingle-lever travel control for all travel and steering motions and counter-rotation
Filter systemMicro cartridge filters in the cooling circuit
Heating & A/C systemPressurized with fresh air intake, recirculation air filter, 12 louvered vents for all temperature-controlled cab areas, sliding side windows left and right
ROPS / FOPS cabRoll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) according to EN ISO 3471. Falling Objects Protective Structure (FOPS) according to EN ISO 3449
Operators seatAdjustable suspended seat adjustable to operators weight
Monitoring systemAnalog and digital instrument panel. LCD screen for engine, RPM, travel speed, and service codes. Automatic monitoring of operating pressures, temperatures, and fill levels. Hour meter gauge.
Titling systemMax 40° to rear with the hydraulic hand pump

Track Frame

Refill Capacities

ChainsSealed and lubricated, track chain tension via grease tensioner and hydraulic cylinder
Chain links38 on each side
Sprocket segments5 on each side
Track rollers6 on each side
Carrier roller1 each side
Track shoes20 in (508 mm), double grouser
Track shoes optional22 in (560 mm), double grouser | 24 in (610mm), double grouser *Wider shoes available on demand
Grouser height1.67 in (42.5mm)
MountPivot shafts and equalizer bar (cushion mounted)
Fuel tank95.1 US gal (360 L)
Cooling system9.5 US gal (36 L)
Engine oil with filter7.9 US gal (30L)
Spiltter box0.8 US gal (3.1L)
Hydraulic tank21.9 US gal (83L)
Pivot shaft, each1.3 US gal (5L)
Final drive, each5.3 US gal (20 L)
Duo cone seal, each0.9 US gal (3.3L)

Padding Elevator

Padder Conveyor

DesignSelf-loading, self-screening, variable speed hydrostatic system. Spill belt transports fines to the conveyor system
ControlsCab mounted control box. Potentiometer dial controls speed. Momentary rocker switch reverses elevator direction
Screen3/8 into 1½ in (9.53 mm to 38.1 mm), screening area of 310 ft² (28.8 m²)
VibratorDual roller vibrating system. Variable speed control loosen debris and increase output
Elevator belt60 in (1,524 mm) wide v-groove transfer belt under the lower half of screening area
Rated shaft speed300 rpm
DesignMulti-directional, variable speed hydrostatic system. Arched design for increased ground clearance, and improved material throwing distance
ControlsCab mounted control box. Potentiometer dial control speed. Three-position rocker switch selects left, right, or off rotation. Center sprung joystick controls left and right conveyor shift function
Conveyor belt16 in (406 mm) wide v-groove belt
Features42 in (1066.8 mm) lateral slide. Conveyor section can be folder to reduce transport footprint to 97 in (2463.8 mm) total width
Rated shaft speed775 rpm

Machine Dimensions

Padder Dimensions

  • Main Application Areas

  • Small Projects

  • Distribution Cable

  • Mobile Screening

  • Agriculture