Cab mounted controls provide the operator with complete control over material placement right at their fingertips. The conveyor system has three preset speeds to choose from and is bi-directional, allowing for material discharge off either side of the machine. The conveyor can be shifted from side to side, providing additional control over material placement.

The unique three-part conveyor design allows each end of the conveyor to be inclined to a 10 degrees angle during regular operation, providing an increased throwing distance for the material. When the job is complete, these same sections fold up 90 degrees to lower the transportation footprint and reduce cost.

Conveyor Micro-Padder


Rigorous testing and engineering ensure that the Ozzie's Micro-padder screens material to the advertised size. Our unique, adjustable elevator drive system guarantees continuous chain contact to reduce shifting and slipping of the rotating screen, ensuring constant and predictable material processing. Built-in flights efficiently move oversized material up and over the screening chain.

The elevator system is controlled via joystick integrated auxiliary buttons on your stock loader. The elevator can be run in either direction for easy clearing of jammed material and has three pre-set speeds.

Elevator Micro-Padder


John Deere 333EJohn Deere 333GCAT 299D xhpTakeuchi TL12V₂
Gross Power110 HP (76.6 kW)100 HP (74.6 kW)110 HP (82 kW)111 HP (82.8 kW)
Peak Torque291 ft.lb. (395 Nm) @ 1700 rpm291 ft.lb. (395 Nm) @ 1700 rpmN/A284 ft.lb. (385 Nm) @ 1500 rpm
Engine Speed2500 rpm2500 rpmN/A2400 rpm


John Deere 333EJohn Deere 333GCAT 299D xhpTakeuchi TL12V₂
Low Speed5.3 mph (8.5 km/h)5.3 mph (8.5 km/h)5.3 mph (8.5 km/h)5.0 mph (8.1 km/h)
High Speed7.8 mph (12.6 km/h)7.8 mph (12.6 km/h)8.4 mph (13.5 km/h)7.8 mph (12.6 km/h)
Ground Pressure4.5 psi (31.1 kPa)4.5 psi (31.1 kPa)5.3 psi (36.7 kPa)4.8 psi (33.0 kPa)

Loader Performance

John Deere 333EJohn Deere 333GCAT 299D xhpTakeuchi TL12V₂
Fuel Tank Capacity25.5 gal (96.5 L)30.0 gal (114 L)32.2 gal (122 L)32.7 gal (123.9 L)
Operating Weight11,800 lb (5,357 kg)12,100 lb (5,493 kg)11,612 lb (5,267 kg)13,040 lb (5,915 kg) (Cab)
Tipping Load9,425 lb (4,279 kg)10,570 lb (4,799 kg)9,300 lb (4,218 kg)11,737 lb (5,324 kg)
Operating Capacity (35%)3,300 lb (1,498 kg)3,700 lb (1,680 kg)3,255 lb (1,476 kg)4,107 lb (1,863 kg)


John Deere 333EJohn Deere 333GCAT 299D xhpTakeuchi TL12V₂
Pump Flow21 gpm (80 L/m)25 gpm (95 L/m)40 gpm (150 L/m)21 gpm (80 L/m)
Hydraulic Pressure3,450 psi (238 bar)3,450 psi (238 bar)3,335 psi (230 bar)3,481 psi (240 bar)
Hydraulic Horsepower42 HP (31.3 kW)50 HP (38 kW)94 HP (70 kW)-
*For more information on the Micro-Padder please download the brochure. You can find the download button at the bottom of this page.

Micro-Padder Vibrator

Padding Vibrator

DesignDual rollers mounted on a framer with an eccentric shaft and hydraulic motor provide agitation of the screen to assist with material processing
ControlsThe vibrator is tuned to a single optimal speed in one direction and is constantly on while the elevator system is activated
FeaturesThe dual roller system provides screen agitation as well as support to ensure the chain run true and that oversize material is kept separate from the processed material
Max Rated Speed800 rpm
Micro-Padder Conveyor

Padding Conveyor

DesignA perpendicular bi-directional conveyor deposits screened material from the elevator into the trench
ControlsJoystick auxiliary buttons. Three preset conveyor speeds are available in both lateral (left and right) directions
Conveyor beltA two-ply 12-inch wide v-groove belt with friction drive backing
FeaturesThree-piece design allows for minimum transport dimensions, greater material throwing distance, and lateral shifting. The dual-motor system ensures maximum torque and speed while mechanical adjustors tension the belt to ensure optimal power transfer
Rated shaft speed800 rpm
Micro-Padder Elevator

Padding Elevator

DesignSelf-loading, variable speed, continuous screening belt. Screened material then transfers to discharge conveyor
ControlsJoystick auxiliary buttons. In elevator adjustment mode, three forward speeds and one reverse speed setting is available
ScreenInterchangeable screen available in 3/8", 5/8", and 7/8" minus producing sizes. A total screening area of approximately 12.75 square feet
Elevator beltA two-ply 40" wide v-groove belt with friction drive backing
FeaturesDual Independent mechanical adjustors act as both tensioners and shock absorbers for the elevator screen. Screen cleaning, material clogging, and jamming are quickly completed using the reverse direction setting
Rated shaft speed300 rpm

US CustomaryMetric
AConveyor width1.01 ft337 mm
BPadder length7.03 ft2,201 mm
CScoop height1.08 ft495 mm
DPadder height3.05 ft1,052 mm
EElevator width3.00 ft902 mm
FScoop width5.00 ft1,516 mm
GConveyor length9.04 ft2,854 mm
HConveyor height from ground2.11 ft876 mm
Padder weight3,500 lbs1,600 kg

US CustomaryMetric
ATransport height7.01 ft2,150 mm
BTrack length (Center to Center)5.03 ft1,600 mm
CLength to front of tack9.02 ft2,795 mm
DTransport length17.03 ft5,250 mm
ETrack gauge5.04 ft1,613 mm
FTrack shoe width1.06 ft445 mm
GSkid steer width6.09 ft2,057 mm
HTransport width (folded conveyor shown)5.04 ft1,613 mm
Transport Weight14,600 lbs6,600 kg
Ground pressure6.4 PSI55 kPa
US CustomaryMetric
JGround clearance0.10 ft260 mm
KDistance from idler center to sprocket center5.03 ft1,600 mm
LLifting height9.11 ft3,023 mm
MMaximum conveyor extension, operator right side6.06 ft1,987 mm
NMaximum conveyor extension, operator left side6.01 ft1,860 mm
OTotal machine width, conveyor extended9.04 ft2,854 mm
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