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The ALLU Transformer M-series is a range of multi-faceted tools for mining and other industries and applications. Powered by the carrier, these hydraulic attachments help with quick and efficient production techniques, solve chute blockages and other material flow problems, and transport frozen or saturated material heaps.

Transformer M-series material processing buckets mounted on excavators are ideal for mining work due to their impressive speed and reach. M-Series will enable them to process almost twice the capacity of a slow-moving wheel loader. M-series mounted on wheel loaders are recommended for secondary material processing and service work because of the increased mobility of the equipment.

This could include harbors, power plants, and other bulk material storage areas. The wheel loaders are equipped with a special hydraulically-operated rear lid/adapter that allows standard low point boom mounting, break out force, and carry positions.

The ALLU M-Series includes 3 models for excavators between 50-160 Tn (49.2-147.6 US Tn).
There are also 3 models of the ALLU M-Series for the 30-90 Tn (29.5-88.5 US Tn) wheel loaders.


TnUS TnTnUS Tncu ydKgLbs
M 3-2050-7055.1-77.1--3,8134.1700015432.3
M 3-2570-12077.1-132--4,7165.9900019841.6
M 4-25120-160132-176--6,2218.91200026455.4
M 3-27--30-5033-55.14,5158.9750016534.6
M 3-32--50-7055.1-77.16,5229.51050023148.5
M 4-32--60-9066.1-99.28,5300.129762.465614.8
*DH and DSH models are equipped with double motors


Drums Blades
XHD 50 mm DrumTS Standard blade
X75 DrumTS Axe blade
Custome drum options avaliable
  • Main Application Areas

  • Mining operations

  • Secondary operations at harbors, power plants, and storage areas

  • Industrial operations