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Ozzies Pipeline Padding and Screening Solutions
Mini Padder
OPP-300 Pipeline Padder - All Terrain
OPP-200 Pipeline Padder for mid-to-large diameter pipelines
Mini-Padder for small, cross-country or distribution pipeline work
MS-4000 For medium to large-scale piplilne padding construction projects in both easy and rugged terrain
MS-2500 Outlaw Padder for smaller-scale pipeline construction projects
One-man operated pipeline padder, handles all terrain without the need for more equipment.
The pipeline padder perfect for medium-sized jobs. Designed to transport fill and pad mid to large pipelines.
The solution for those who need a padder for small, cross-country or distribution pipeline work.
An innovative padding solution, ideal for Tie-Ins and Bell-Holes. For medium to large-scale pipeline projects.
Perfect for smaller-scale pipeline projects. For simple and effective operation and "one-load" mobilization.


Ozzie's Pipeline Padder, Inc. (Ozzie's) invented pipeline padding, and continues to do it best. Every job we do benefits from over 20 years of experience, the most versatile and durable equipment and applications, and a team of pipeline pros that are as knowledgeable as they are committed to your satisfaction. With a full line of screening equipment, we will work with you to meet any custom screening solution. Call and talk to one of our experienced industry professionals to see how Ozzie’s can help fulfill your screening needs.


  • Pipeline Padding – From large to small pipeline backfill
  • Alternative Energy – From underground distribution to collection line backfill
  • Cleaning services – From the beach to site cleanups
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery methods – CO2 Injection line backfill
  • Utility line backfill – Commercial and residential utility construction backfill
  • Custom screening solutions to meet ANY of your needs
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