Multiple Functions, One Machine

Quickly switch between "padding" and excavating with the specially designed quick-release system and single quick-release manifold. The OMS-360 frame is secured with 4 mounting pins that are easily removed to transform the machine to work solely as an excavator. 

The excavator bucket uses a quick-release securement system to allow the swift transition of machine attachments. The pre-wired auxiliary hydraulics and controls allow virtually any excavator attachment to be placed on the machine. Pull double duty by switching between "padding," excavating, grappling, compacting, jackhammering, and any of the other various excavator attachments available. 

Ease of Transport

The folding conveyor and compact design allow the OMS-360 to be easily transported in one load on the same trailer bed as a bare excavator. 

Bucket Capacity, Digging - 1.24 yd³

Bucket Capacity, Screening - 3.10 yd³

Process Capacity - 300 yd³/hr


Weight of Excavator (tons)


Weight of Excavator with padder (tons)


Engine Power (HP)
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